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360 DEGREE has an activity dedicated to B2B Content Marketing and professional community development. To attract, convince and federate your prospects, customers and influencers, we develop innovative tools

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The name “360 degree” was not chosen by chance! On the contrary… We support companies in their digital transformation, their migration to the Cloud and the securing of their IS. We offer a turnkey service with a 360° vision that goes from consulting to deployment, including the search for solutions. We follow you until the total satisfaction of our services. Our simplicity, flexibility and agility allow us to adapt quickly to your needs.

At 360 we create your website...

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We don’t just create websites, we create websites that SELL and attract customers…
  • 360degree is a web agency specializing in the creation of websites, product catalog and e-commerce. Our primary objective is to make you visible on the Internet to increase your sales. That's why we focus on the user experience by creating fully responsive websites.
  • The 360degree effect is when you can no longer count the number of new customers! Today, it is no longer about getting traffic, but about generating leads and sales for your business. The experts at 360 degrees will generate targeted and relevant traffic to your website, which will be a source of regular income in the long run. Trust the experts at 360 degrees to get the most out of your website.
At 360 degree we offer SEO ...

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The goal of SEO is not to rank #1. The goal is to generate leads and sales for your business.
We offer you an ERP implementation in your company...

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Be open to new ways to accomplish the same goal.

  • We offer tools #CRM, #ERP and we bring concrete solutions to promote your competitiveness. We accompany you in your development strategy with a project methodology. Our external view will allow you to develop by distinguishing you from the competition.
  • A successful digital strategy starts with a detailed diagnosis of possible weaknesses on your platform, we advise you on the evolutions to be made and recommend the development of your interfaces according to adapted functionalities. We propose a clear approach to assist you in the implementation of your digital transformation and in the achievement of your objectives, while respecting your needs, your expectations and your identity.
Auditing your projects

< At 360 we help you audit your projects.../>

If you can’t show through an audit trail how you arrived at the numbers on your balance sheet, that is a significant internal control failure.
Evolutions des plateformes

< At 360degree we help you grow your platform... />

Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision andchange.

  • 360DEGREE accompanies you from the thought to the realization of your digital project. Integrating a multitude of expertise (digital strategy, influencer marketing, SEO, web development, ERP ...), 360DEGREE responds to your issues and provides a turnkey solution while taking into account the evolution of your business by offering tailored solutions.
  • The choice of an adapted hosting formula, is not always obvious considering the multitude of offers on the market, it often becomes difficult to find oneself in the various technical criteria displayed by the providers. However, this choice will condition the general performances and the referencing of your site, in particular in the display speed. You can count on our support to make the right choice.

< At 360 We do not do hosting, but we advise you on the choice of a host ... />

Web Hosting Server is the lifeline of every website. It should be up and running 24/7.

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